HabakkuK’s rule #3 – As you wait for your wish it will surly manifest

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Welcome back to HabakkuK Planet.

In the previous blogs I reviewed HabakkuK’s rules #1 and #2 for happiness and success.

Rule #1 HabakkuK says that you must be inspired to get an idea of what you really want. Get on top of a tower or on top of a mountain and get inspired there. Have you visited the Continental Divide in the Rockies? That is one place you can get inspired. (www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=210423&l=03991a4b2a&id=100000878948570 ).

Rule #2 of HabakkuK says: Write it down!

Now that you have written down your wish-list, you wait for “something” to happen.

The question you ask yourself is – “How long do I have to wait for “something” to happen?” A related question you may ask is: “What shall I do while I wait?” HabakkuK said that the manifestation of your written vision has its “appointed time”. Though the manifestation of your wish may seem to be running “tardy”, it will “surly come!” The time period between your asking and your receiving may be instantaneous (seconds), or may linger awhile.

In fact, it is for our benefit if the manifestation of our desire will linger awhile. The reason is that some of us tend to regret our wish… We must be ready to receive our wish without doubt or hesitation. Some folks make a wish and in their heart hold a tiny doubt if they deserve whatever it is they wished. This tiny doubt of self-(un)worthiness is a roadblock to manifestation.

It is common among some folks who wish for more money to harbor a feeling that they do not deserve of this money.

Other folks wish for a companion and yet do not feel worthy of the desired lover. Guess what? They will stay single for a long long time while “qualified” lovers come and go… While you chuckle, think for a moment as you recall the embarrassed family that had to recall the invitations to a wedding ceremony…

We need to be prepared in our hearts and minds to receive whatever it is we asked for.

In order to receive what we ask we need to get actively prepared. If you want a certain position then you need to be vocationally prepared for it – with the right training and experience. A charmer’s personality may not be enough for engineering or an accounting job.

This preparation phase is the willingness to take inspired action. The inspired action may be a phone call, may be taking on a volunteer job, meeting new people, relocating to a new city, or re-writing patiently your secret wish list in your private
journal for some years. Only then, after you have taken inspired action and got prepared, your wish will “surly come” as HabakkuK said. (HabakkuK 2:3).

“Re-writing my wish list for five years?” If that is your question, then HabakkuK has the answer to that challenge in the next Blog.

HabakkuK’s prescription for attracting success is now available on his website: www.visionofhabakkuk.com

In the meantime, attract only the best to yourself and share with us your comments.

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