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Mandy (Menahem) Lender, MD (1970, Hebrew University, Jerusalem), is a physician and a Bible student enthusiast. He graduated from Rosary College, with an MBA degree, (1990, Brennan school of business, Dominican University, River Forest, IL). Mandy volunteers his time and skills in a free clinic supporting patients without healthcare insurance who have nowhere else to turn for their infirmities in Bay City, MI. In 2003 Dr. Lender was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. He underwent a successful surgery and recovered. In 2005 his wife of forty years – Pirhia was a victim of colon cancer and passed away.

In 1961, Mandy Lender was a member participating in an archeological expedition headed by Pesach Bar-Adon. He watched in disbelief the uncovering of the chalcolithic treasure trove in a cave in the canyon of Nahal Mishmar at the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea. In 1973 he was wounded while in combat on the Golan Heights. In 1999 he went with a friend to visit the Mayan ruins in Chiapas, Mexico (Palenque, Bonampak and Yaxchilan). While walking around the ruins of Yaxchilan the two wanderers temporarily lost their way in the thick of the jungle. Nonetheless they found their way back to the boat’s landing site on the Usumacinta River.

Mandy with Prof. Minna Rozen of Haifa University. With them is Venus, a matriarch to a tribe of 15 boxers.

Dr. Lender is collecting bibles. Among his volumes are: a facsimile of a Gutenberg Bible in Latin. A facsimile of the Leningrad codex in Hebrew. A quad-centennial facsimile edition of the 1611 printing in London of the KJV by Robert Barker and sons.

While contemplating the meaning of life, Mandy noted the pervasive presence of the Law of Attraction (LOA), in human affairs. Mandy pondered this observation and while studying the LOA another thought occurred to him: If the LOA is so insistent in our lives then it should have been part of the lives of the biblical figures, going back four millennia. Study the Holy Bible he found evidence and direct references to the LOA and its effects in the lives and teaching of many of the biblical heroes and prophets. From this time on Mandy has been reading and rereading and researching biblical commentaries and documenting the evidence for the presence on the LOA in the Bible.
Dr. Lender believes that the LOA is a gift that keeps on giving. In particular - the LOA rewards those who affirm the LOA in their way of life. He lives on a farm house with 5 boxer dogs in Mid-Michigan and sometimes in his house in suburban Chicago.


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