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Dr. Lender has one published book and one in progress:

He has researched and written an expanded book on the great leaders and masters of the Law of Attraction in the Bible. His studies and biblical research have guided him to consider many if not most biblical reports of so-called miracles, explainable by the Key Concepts of the LOA.


When presented by a diagnosis of malignant cancer, Dr. Lender started to record a personal journal. Little did he know that within a short period of the next 22 months, in addition to himself, his sister and wife would also be diagnosed with malignant cancer. The result was an unrehearsed real-time nightmare. The book title is “Karkinos Farm”.


Dr. Lender is the son of the late Baruch Lender. Mr. Baruch Lender was an inventor of chess problem compositions that were originally published between the years 1950 to 1994. The style and rhythm of these chess problems are described in a book titled: “Lender Combinations”(U. Avner, P. Einat and Y. Aloni. © 1996 The Israel Chess Composition Society. Tel Aviv, Israel).


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