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The Master Attractor:
The Law of Attraction in the Holy Bible and Beyond
by Mandy (Menahem) Lender



Use modern scientific foundations and Bible based wisdom to align your life with the Law of Attraction as do the Master Attractors. What is common to evangelist Billy Graham and to world champion Roger Bannister who broke the four minute mile barrier? They benefit from the Law of Attraction!


The Law of Attraction is a mindset known over two thousand years ago to the authors of the Bible. Modern scientific fields from neuro-biology, neuro-psychology and social studies identified the foundations and mechanisms of action of the pervasive Law of Attraction. From rulers and prophets to contemporary inventors, politicians, physicians, and evangelists to modern thought-leaders they all use the framework of the Law of Attraction. They align their life and activities with the Law of Attraction and manifest their objectives.


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The Vision of Habakkuk:
The Law of Attraction in the Holy Bible
by Mandy (Menahem) Lender

Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality!

This book by Dr. Mandy Lender – The Vision of HabakkuK – lists the key concepts of the LOA. The key concepts are illustrated by examples quoted from the both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Many towering Biblical figures acted, healed and taught in alignment with the LOA. Only they did not use the term Law of Attraction. To name a few (in historical order): Moses, Solomon, Elijah, in the Hebrew bible; Jesus and Paul in the New Testament. The Books of Wisdom in the Hebrew Bible are replete with key concepts that in the whole constitute the LOA.

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