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Listen to Dr. J's interview with Master Attractor, Dr. Mandy Lender on the subject of: HabakkuK and Faith-Based Law of Attraction




Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality!


The Holy Bible has sold more copies than any other book.


Why is that? Because its authors and editors – all masters of divine wisdom – incorporated the Law of Attraction in its stories and teachings! As such, it has become the most sold self-help book – ever.


The mystic Biblical prophet HabakkuK, gives in his book clear instructions on how to benefit from living your life consistent with the Law of Attraction.


The Vision of HabakkuK is based on the Holy Bible and Habakkuk’s teachings. It shows your path to:


      • Living a fulfilled life
      • Attracting good health
      • Attracting wealth and abundance
      • Attracting and inspiring – family, friends and business associates


The Holy Bible has showed millions of people how to enjoy the benefits of the Law of Attraction. Let it also show you how to get the best out of your life!


Dr. M. Lender benefited from the Law of Attraction as a Bible student, as a practicing physician (Board certified internist), and as a survivor of cancer and enemy fire in combat. He researches the Holy Bible for the modern principles of the Law of Attraction and merges good fortune, health, happiness and wealth into a handy prescription for a good life.


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